About Me:

I believe learning music should be fun, explorative, and well rounded. Learning the theory and rules behind the music is imperative in being able to understand and play the music with all the intent, grace, and beauty that it deserves and was composed for.

I have been teaching piano and guitar for 3 years, and voice for 2 years. I have AMEB grade 5 in piano and theory, and an AMusA in classical voice. I have always found music to be a fantastic and freeing way of expressing myself, and have been performing in music competitions since I was 4 years old. Learning an instrument takes time and diligence, but it is worth it when you can create and convey the picture, message and/or emotion which you wish to share.

Here at Tone Town I am available to teach piano/keyboard, voice or guitar on a Saturday. Please contact the store for further information or to make a booking!