Ormsby GTR Run 5 - TX (PREORDER)




The fanned arrangement of the Multiscale fretboard creates scale lengths for each individual string. We generally call this the "spread". For the GTR range, the spread is as follows:
Six string: 25.5" - 27.5" Multiscale
Seven string: 25.5" - 27.8" Multiscale

Due to the increased scale length on the bass side, the tension of the strings increases. We recommend you try dropping a gauge on the bottom end, for example, if you usually use 9-46's, try 9-42's. To learn more about Multiscale, please view our information page here.

Body dimensions (thickness): 38mm HypeGTR. The TX model has a 42mm thickness. For comparison, Jacksons, Ibanez RG, Fender Strats, etc are generally 47mm.

Neck shape: 20.3mm @ 1st, 22 @ 17th, D shape with round shoulders. AKA "thin U"

The bridges are custom made for us to exacting tolerances by our partners at Hipshot, using a variety of materials proven for longevity and tone. Hipshot machineheads (locking).


Our own PVH A5 Humbucker (TXGTR)  features pride of place in the bridge position, with an Old School A5 single coil in the neck. Both of these pickups are made to our own specifications by our partners in Korea. 500k pots for volume, a 3 way toggle, and 500k push/pull tone pot for coil splitting. Bone nut.

All finishes are GLOSS on the bodies. TXGTRs have a hard oiled finish on the neck.


6's: $1649 AUD
7's: $1699 AUD

BODY: Mahogany
NECK: Laminated Rock Maple, bolt-on neck
NECK SHAPE: 20.3 @ 1st - 22 @ 17th D shape
FRETWIRE: Jumbo Stainless Steel
INLAY: White
SIDE DOTS: Luminlay
BRIDGE: Custom Hipshot, string through body
MACHINEHEADS: Hipshot Locking (Ormsby branded)
ELECTRONICS: 500k Volume, 500k Tone with Push/Pull + 3 way toggle switch
PICKUPS: PVH A5 Bridge humbucker, Old School A5 Neck single coil


PLEASE NOTE - As this is a preorder item the shipping date has been intentionally grossly over estimated, orders will ship within one business day of guitars arriving in store.
Tone Town Music is proud to be an authorized Ormsby Guitars Dealer!

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