Ormsby Guitars Custom 6 String Hypemachine (Australian Made)

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For those who know Perry Ormsby's work already, this guitar requires no introduction. For those who are not yet experienced, prepare to rewrite your definition of what the perfect guitar should be...

Boasting an ever expanding library of highly figured and exotic timbers from around the world, Ormsby Guitars are truly a sight to behold in person. Somewhat surprisingly though, Perry's instruments quite frequently include the use of unconventional materials in their construction and also very interesting finishing methods. Several guitars come to mind including those with carbon fiber or copper tops, strikingly beautiful and in many cases completely unique from one instrument to the next. To many people there is something supremely satisfying about knowing that your guitar is one of a kind, nobody else in the world has one exactly the same as yours.

This is one of those guitars.

With its splattered and bright multicoloured paint job, rainbow themed fretboard markers, anodized locking tuners, tastefully appointed chrome hardware and striking white bobbins, this guitar is truly both a work of art and an instrument of creation in itself. The neck has a bolt on join, but is sculpted into the body so closely that the feel is much more like that of a set neck. With every aspect of the construction done at Ormsby Guitars HQ in Western Australia to Perry's incredibly high standards, this guitar is guaranteed to not only turn heads with its striking appearance but also give you complete freedom of musicality.

The day you forever let go of the feeling of fighting against your instrument to get the sound you want, is the day you buy an Ormsby Guitar.