Ormsby Guitars GTR Run 6 Giveaway!!

Ormsby Guitars GTR Run 6 Giveaway!!

As we open the order books today for Ormsby Guitars GTR Run 6, we can't help but think how well one of these incredible guitars would pair up with one of the KSR Amplification Ares we have in stock now, so from today until December 31st all pre-orders for a Run 6 GTR will go into the running to win an Ares 50 head!

Terms and conditions apply, visit our webstore for pricing and call us on (07) 3812 1880 or email to find out about our generous lay-by terms!

Second Run of Ormsby Guitars GTR Models Coming!!

For anyone who may not be keeping tabs on the Facebook group dedicated to discussion and announcements of upcoming GTR production models, here is a little bit of a preview of what's in the pipeline from Ormsby Guitars!!

Expanding on the options offered in the first run, several new colours including one featuring a maple fretboard, additionally figured tops will be available in the next run. Yes, that's right! FIGURED TOPS! Walnut burl makes an appearance on the HypeGTR model as well as two burst stained quilted maple options pictured below. HypeGTR models will also be available in both standard scale as well as multiscale, this run will also see the addition of 8 string models to the HypeGTR lineup. More traditional colour options are also available with some popular favorites from the first run being available once again as well as some great new colours. One lucky customer will also be getting their hands on this extra special swirl paint job HypeGTR through us here at Goodgear Music. With only 10 of these guitars being produced and the swirl paint job being done by Perry Ormsby himself, this guitar will definitely be one to turn heads!

The second run also sees the arrival of a completely new model from Ormsby Guitars called the TX GTR. This model will be available in 6 and 7 string configuration and is currently only available in multiscale format. The TX GTR comes in "Ye Olde" colour options featuring pastel style colours and a pearloid pick guard, as well as a maple fretboard. The TX GTR Carbon is a slightly more modernized model based on the same body style but features more attention grabbing colour schemes as well as a carbon fiber pick guard. If you purchase this model you will also have the choice to upgrade to a chameleon colour changing finish as an upcharge! We will be definitely be getting one of those in store.


The last TX GTR model coming out later this year is the Eaton Special which was specced out by none other than Chris Eaton himself! If you've been paying attention on the GTR Facebook Group page you will no doubt be familiar with Chris's tireless efforts creating the amazing mockups of the GTR models for us all to drool over and helping more than a few of us to decide precisely which model/s we really can not live without owning. With a swamp ash body, stained flame maple top, pearloid binding and ebony fretboard, Chris certainly knows how to spec out a killer guitar, I'm really looking forward to trying one of these out when they arrive!

For more info on models and pricing, please see our online store or shoot us an email.

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